Balance Complex for Women Review “Hot Dog! You just may be onto something!”

Balance Complex Vaginal Health Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules


100 Billion CFU/g Probiotics for Women
D-Mannose and Cranberry
13 Blend Non-GMO Supplement
Supports Feminine Issues


GENEA D. Verified Purchase

February 20, 2021


Hot Dog! You just may be onto something!

❝ I've regretted sitting still long enough to type this review, but won't run away anymore, so here goes... WARNING, some of you may feel I'm giving TMI, sorry, not sorry... an attempt to help, maybe 1 Lovely, not feel alone...I'm 51, two vaginal births and termination(s) very early in life, male partners, mostly husband(s), military retiree and, suffered from vaginal issues as far back as I can recall. I consider myself to be extremely clean, never been able to use vaginal soaps(or any other kind of soap in my 🌼 region), never been able to use jellies, douche, foams etc. I am and have always had a sensitive twat! Lol. Because of that, I have always tried to be careful, doctors, say don't drink, don't smoke... I didn't... they said you do PT everyday, you have to wear cotton underwear, keep it dry, i tried as hard as I could, no tight clothes, no multiple partners... and even though I tried real hard to do all those things all the time, I still left that daggon doc with my yucky Flagyl and Monostat 7, and then in later years 2 Diflucan, because with every bacterial med, I was surely going to be visited by clammy, itchy 😺 next! This has been for years! Before the internet and reviews, I thought I was the only woman in the world with these issues! Women, my friends, family never spoke of matters of the 🐈. I have accused my spouses of cheating- not to say they hadn't, just saying that same stinky fishy smell has been lurking around me when I had partners and even when I was completely celebate- for a couple years, because I needed to know. That smell that causes you to feel filthy, even when you know you're not. I'm small in size, for those who say it's your weight, eat healthy, I am in my 3rd yr of perimenopause, and I'm doing well in every area except for Madam 🐟... a couple years ago, made my hubby use vegan condoms, refused to use another antibiotic, so stopped telling the doctor, I started using boric acid tablets and reduced sex to a quarterly event, i was desperate! All to NO avail... NOW to this actual product, I must admit, my jury is still out on it, because after 1 month of use, I've had 2 menses (not a shocker, due to good old Ms Peri...) but I think, because when I started taking balance complex, I immediately stopped smelling the smell! Omgoodness! I think I brought my cycle because I was so nervous, so excited, could this company have found an answer? Well I really wanted to have sex, to really tell if that smell was gone, sounds sick but it's like, when I mix with him, what comes out will be the real real test. That test had to wait and it seemed to take forever. When we did, sadly enough, I did... i smelled the smell. I was a lil sad, but not as sad as I've been! I'm not saying this is perfect. Today because of the literature this company has put out, I've looked into things, I understand that some of our bodies aren't able to break down unhealthy bacteria and we need help. Doctors were giving us meds to get rid of the symptoms, but they never got to the root. We left with bills and what we thought would cure us. I think this company is trying to help! I've had better results with this than anything else. I want to be a part of that change. Again, I don't know what this pill is really doing, but I'll tell you this, we recently relocated, so I had to delay my 2nd bottle order, in a matter of 2 days, without taking the pills, the smell was back, but again I was just a lil sad, because those of us who are used to dealing with this smell every freaking day, knows how good it feels when you take meds and the 🐟 is gone back to the ocean for a lil while!!! Well, these pills do it without us taking those dag blasted antibiotics! I'm going to keep taking them, I'm even going to leave updates after each month. I want to help others, I want to help myself. Ladies we have to do reviews, we have to share. I often say, if we could find a way to shut down every woman's "cooch", until the medical field found a cure, we'd have this 🐟 business wrapped up for good! It was never talked about in the past, it doesn't have to be that way today. Good luck! ❞

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