Balance Complex for Women Review “I was skeptical at first…”

Balance Complex Vaginal Health Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules


100 Billion CFU/g Probiotics for Women
D-Mannose and Cranberry
13 Blend Non-GMO Supplement
Supports Feminine Issues


Erykah Verified Purchase

March 4, 2021


I was skeptical at first...

So rarely do I buy something online because of good reviews because I’m so skeptical to the point where as soon as I see one bad review then I back away lol But I was desperate to try anything at this point. Recently I’ve been having a strong odor from my lady parts no matter how many times I showered and bathed a day (I’m talking 3x a day). Literally I would get out of shower and would be frustrated with the smell . My gynecologist would tell me that it was normal and to wear cotton under , Loose fitting clothes, blah blah blah none of that worked . I ordered these and took two pills the day they arrived .. by the next day the odor was gone.. . I couldn’t believe this is all it took . I kept checking my self throughout the day and still no strong odor. Im so happy I found these and will definitely purchase again !!

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