Balance Complex for Women Review “It works for me”

Balance Complex Vaginal Health Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules


100 Billion CFU/g Probiotics for Women
D-Mannose and Cranberry
13 Blend Non-GMO Supplement
Supports Feminine Issues


Shauna Verified Purchase

March 29, 2021


It works for me

I was skeptical at first but decided to try this product anyway and must say I believe it has helped with an issue I couldn't get rid of for months then decided it must be hormonal so I started taking 2 of these capsules at night (once daily) along with vitex (one in the morning and one at night) as well as golden seal (organic and again one in the morning one at night). Each does help significantly but I've noticed since I ran out of the balance complex 2 days ago that I REALLY need to keep with it.:) IF you're needing the astringent properties for discharge I would strongly recommend this product along with vitex and organic goldenseal. They were great together and within 2-4 weeks I saw a big difference much to my relief. 🙂

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