Balance Complex for Women Review “Magic pills life changing”

Balance Complex Vaginal Health Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules


100 Billion CFU/g Probiotics for Women
D-Mannose and Cranberry
13 Blend Non-GMO Supplement
Supports Feminine Issues


katie Verified Purchase

March 6, 2021


Magic pills life changing

Wow!! So today will be day 4 I take these pills. It was perfect timing because I just got my period and that’s when my PH is off the worst. Well already on day 4 the smell is 75 percent better and my discharge is normal. I literally can’t believe it. It’s been years since I’ve ever...if ever, even had a normal amount of discharge. I was so scared at first to take these pills because they are huge and in a what lookes like a plastic pill 💊 which I’ve never taken and they looked so man made. Scary to digest a huge pill off the internet but my mom is in the healthcare industry and said it was fine so I took them. I was also hesitant because the smell of Oregano is very strong. However, I had to try it with all the reviews and I am so glad I did. I can’t believe how much of a difference this is making in such a small period of time. Thank you Balance Complex you are changing mine and so many girls lives!!!!! I am so greatly and am a new customer forever!!! Please as long as you have no allergies to the ingredients, TAKE THESE PILLS..they work! No I did not do this review for a free bottle but I am going to find out how I can get one because I am going to purchase more anyway! Yay!

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