Balance Complex for Women Review “Miracle worker!”

Balance Complex Vaginal Health Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules


100 Billion CFU/g Probiotics for Women
D-Mannose and Cranberry
13 Blend Non-GMO Supplement
Supports Feminine Issues


Deli B. Verified Purchase

January 1, 2021


Miracle worker!

I don't know about this new pink label they have but I have used this product since May and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works to keep my hormones and Ph balanced. I battled with BV for a few years and after finally visiting my gynecologist and using antibiotic, she advised me to look for an OTC remedy to maintain and balance my Ph. After 2 days of looking up and reading reviews for several products, I chose this. IT WORKS! NO MORE FUNKY DRAMA DOWN THERE.

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