Balance Complex for Women Review “This product really works well !!!”

Balance Complex Vaginal Health Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules


100 Billion CFU/g Probiotics for Women
D-Mannose and Cranberry
13 Blend Non-GMO Supplement
Supports Feminine Issues


Angie Verified Purchase

May 1, 2021


This product really works well !!!

Before ordering this product, I read the reviews over and over to see what others had experienced with it. It was not cheap, so I wanted to be sure it delivered the relief that it says. All of the options out there have such different formulations that it was confusing! But, I finally ordered it and it worked so well that I took the advice of many of the other people that purchased it and ordered another bottle as maintenance. I saw results after the first week of taking this formula. You can actually smell the oregano when you open the bottle. I'd heard about the benefits of concentrated oregano as it relates to women's health, but had not seen it in similar products. I would recommend this product to those who have experienced stubborn and chronic bacterial or yeast infections. I'm glad I found this product!!

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